Life & Work

Judith’s life is a roadmap of her work. From a childhood in old Europe, frequenting the Majestic Opera house of her hometown, through the sand dunes of 1960’s Israel, to the mountains of Colorado and the landscapes of the SF Bay Area, Judith’s art represents her life, her journey and her passions.

The creative drive has always played a key part in Judith’s life. Born in Romania, she was exposed to the arts in an early age. As an adolescent, she lived in Israel where she served in the military, harnessing her talents for a position as an illustrator & map drafter.  Throughout a long career in the corporate world, she never stopped pursuing her real passion – art.  Her creative talents often found an outlet in in hand-made clothes and elaborate birthday cakes she designed for her family.

Judith currently spends the majority of her time in Israel, with frequent journeys to the United States. She has been married for over 40 years, is a mother of four and has three grandchildren.